Brooklyn Bridge Bottle - Narrow

Brooklyn Bridge Bottle - Narrow

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One of a kind piece. 

Brooklyn Bridge image by Barbara Norman, hand printed silver gelatin image on upcycled bottle, by Barbara (Babs).

This bottle is narrower than average, and neck of bottle is narrow as well. Bottle is 8.5" tall, 3.5" wide, 1.4" deep. Interior of this bottle shows some wear and interesting deterioration. Intentionally kept in this condition. We believe it compliments the artwork.

Bottles are found or picked during travels, repurposed as backdrop for her photos. These bottles, already beautiful, gain a new life as decorative art. 

Bottles can be used as vases as well.

Image is durable and can be washed gently with luke-warm or cool water.

This is a hand printed silver gelatin print on glass, it should be handled as art.